Our Story

Fourteen years and it feels like we’re just getting started.

This is an employee-driven company and it’s proven to our longevity that our primary focus hasn’t just been about the bottomline… it’s always been about putting our guests first.  Our company motto is: Learn from our mistakes yesterday and apply them into today and to always try to be the good in everybody’s day.  Being in the hospitality industry especially in a city where competition is fierce, there’s a sense of high expectations to be met and we, as a team, are happy to rise up to that challenge.


Our Team




Fourteen years ago, a determined Farrah started taking the steps to pursue her dream of owning a wine bar. After having worked in all aspects of the hospitality industry from front-of-house service to sales and distribution all across the US, she came home to Houston and was resolute on creating a successful wine bar concept that was also a positive workplace where people love what they do and do it proudly. Today her vision exists as Sonoma — a wine bar that is as sophisticated as it is comfortable and warm. Farrah fits in the roles of mother and wife in between being a hands-on owner and getting dirty with any and all projects big or small. Farrah travels frequently to different wine growing regions, which inspire her wine list selections and food menu creations.



Meet Michael. When people ask how I do it, run 2 restaurants and be a mom and a wife. My answer is always “my team” and I could not be more proud to have my brother as part of that team! He’s there for all of us! He works the door, helps on the floor and behind the bar, stocks wine, helps Chef, runs between both stores… there’s nothing this guy won’t do for me, the team and for the business. It’s true what they say…when you work for a small business you kinda do it all to keep it going, but you can’t do it by yourself…it takes a team!



The man, Carlos. He’s been part of this work family for 14 years and what a part he’s been! He’s got the biggest following out of everyone and we love him so! He can hold his own during our wine classes and even the blind tastings… Carlos sets the bar high!



Meet Holly. Beautiful, smart, focused and an all-around wonderful person. This girl is one to watch.. recently graduated from the University of Houston and currently getting her license to become a realtor, we know she’ll succeed at anything! We couldn’t be more proud of her and love having her part of our team. 



Meet Ali. Next time you’re in, please give her a high-five! She’s our greeter and all-around joy to have on Team Sonoma! When she’s not managing the phones and reservations, she’s always ready to lend a helping hand to the team. It’s only been a couple of months, but she’s already part of the work family.